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The Goal is to Build Awareness...

Much research has been published indicating our increased use of technology is negatively impacting our mental health and social connections. With this in mind, the goal of this book is not to instill guilt or present technology as being bad. Instead, the goal is to simply aid all of us in building awareness and mindfulness regarding how, when, and why we are using the many technological devices that are available.


Below you'll find literature indicating why we need to build this awareness as well as some links with suggestions on how to find a good balance when it comes to technology usage.


How Adolescents Deal With Digital Stress

Texting & Social Skills

Depressive Symptoms & Suicide-Related Outcomes in Adolescents Linked to Media Screen Time

Face Time vs. Screen Time

Internet Addition & Problematic Internet Use

The App Generation

Helpful Links:

Helping Your Child Develop Good Media Habits

Tech And Children

Be A Role Model

Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

Tips for Navigating the Digital Age

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